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As we work with teams and team leaders in an educational and coaching role, we try to apply the same principles as we would like to see them applying to their roles in teams.  As a microcosm of the organization itself, a team has many of the same requirements.  
   The team must define its purpose and organize itself.  
   If the team has a project responsibility and life span, it has to figure out how it will fit in with the regular organization, how often it will meet, how it will administer itself, etc.  
   If it is a regular work team, it will have to set its goals and measurement process, establish norms for its operations and interactions, and plan for integrating and terminating members.  
In addition to these mechanical aspects of teamwork, there are group dynamics aspects.  On these issues we work closely with teams to ensure the understanding and abilities are present that will allow the team to forge ahead successfully.  Some of the areas we work on are decision making, conflict resolution, representation of groups outside the team, and communication into and out of the team.