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When we are asked to assist with a re-structuring our first step is to undertake a thorough review of the organization's vision, mission and long-term objectives.  These are the key factors that drive the decisions about a basic structural model. The structure of an organization is a mechanism for coordinating the action necessary to bring the vision to life, to fulfill the organization's purpose, and to achieve its long term objectives.  Those factors must be clearly described in order for a re-structuring to achieve the improvements sought.

We also look closely at individuals and groups who are required to work together, whether they are in the same function or geographic area or not.  We review the amount of project work that the organization undertakes, both internally and externally.  We will not substitute a re-structuring for other solutions to systemic problems in the organization.  If our analysis shows that the structure is basically sound for the organization's purpose and objectives, we will spend our time identifying the causes that are preventing high level performance.