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In administering a climate survey we work with the senior management team to make sure they understand this is not a trivial exercise: they are making a commitment to listen to their employees and to do something with what they hear.  We also ensure appropriate communication goes out to managers and staff from executives.
Depending on the nature of the information being sought, we may design a survey for an organization, or we may select a generic survey from those available on the market.  The advantage of the former is the data will be very specific to the client organization.  The advantage of the latter is the data base of responses from other organizations that has been built up and provides a comparison for the client organization.
Employees receive the survey at home, are requested to complete it confidentially, and send it directly to an independent scoring centre.  Identification of individual employees cannot be made, but employees may be requested to identify their department, age group, gender, educational level, etc. in order for their data to be aggregated.
Following administration of the survey, we make sure interpretations of the data are sound, and appropriate plans are put in place to address issues. We assist managers to prepare for meetings with their staff to review the results and hear the staff's interpretation of the data.  Sometimes we facilitate such meetings.  It is not the survey itself that is important, it is the action taken to address issues, and change the climate that is significant.  We ensure that action plans are developed to implement resolution of the issues.  Subsequent surveys provide a measure of the success achieved in resolving issues.