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Coaching requires privacy and openness between coach and subject, appropriate disclosure, self-responsibility and commitment by the subject.  
We operate on the basis that no individual is an island, and complete self-awareness is virtually impossible to achieve.  
If an individual is not totally aware of self and the impact he has on others, then even if the individual wanted to change his behavior, there is a high probability he would change the wrong behaviors or add or eliminate inappropriate behaviors.  A change in an individual's behaviour, however small, will be a change in his "life system", and may cause reactions from others in his environment (work, family, leisure).  The reactions from other(s) can force the individual back into his original behavior.  Recognizing these reactions and responding to them appropriately is key to sustaining the change(s) in the individual's behavior.
In carrying out coaching with an individual, we
   Identify clearly the current behavioral problems and performance dissatisfactions to be addressed.
   Establish goals for behavioral change and target dates for achieving those goals. Schedule regular conversations with the individual.
   Make adjustments in the coaching process as needed.
   Review progress and provide feedback to the coaching subject.