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Most people will embrace change if
   it makes sense to them,
   they have been involved in developing it, and
   they have been provided with the tools to use the new systems and processes efficiently.  
We work with those implementing change to ensure they focus on a set of  specific variables:
   Getting a handle on the current state - readiness for change, level of skills, learning needs, motivations, perceptions of authority and accountability, etc.
   Describing the future as it should look after the change.  
   Developing precise indicators of success.
   Establishing basic processes for change:
   creating design and development teams that include members of the target groups, and that will also work on implementation,
   communicating openly and thoroughly with the target groups and other segments of the organizational community as the change evolves, constantly linking the purpose of the change back to business fundamentals,
   continuously monitoring the impact of interventions on the target group, and revising the change process accordingly.