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We are an independent firm specializing in managing change and increasing effectiveness in organizations through business process redesign, enhancing leadership competencies and structural interventions.

Resume - Bruce Fraser

   BA (Hons), University of Manitoba
   MBA, University of Calgary

   Consulting Experience

   24 years in consulting business
   21 years as an independent consultant

   Business Strengths
   Designing and implementing change processes
   attending to shifts in culture
   coaching client leaders in dealing with issues
   increasing employee participation in decisions

   Establishing strategies for business
   assessing effectiveness of strategies
   establishing strategic thinking processes
   identifying and communicating strategic direction

   Developing competence in leaders
   diagnosing competence deficiencies
   designing and directing learning events

   Building effective relationships
   with customer and supplier organizations
   with others inside the client organization

   Improving communication and teamwork
   within work and project teams
   between management and staff
   across the whole organization/project

   Examples of Key Assignments
   Leading a transition team during the preparation for the outsourcing of all administrative functions from a global high technology leader, and assisting to transform the outsourced business processes to make them profitable in the acquiring organization.
   Managing the change within a large department of an international transportation company during the implementation of SAP, developing and executing the strategy for hardware and software roll-outs across North America, including training and realization of benefits.
   Coordinating the management of change within a large energy company during the implementation of SAP, keeping the project on time and close to budget while not losing any project staff to the market.
   Providing facilitation and change management expertise in a post-secondary educational institution to ensure effective implementation and integration of a new enterprise-wide system which changed its finance, human resource, payroll and operations systems.
   Re-engineering the business processes in a division of a mid-sized oil and gas company to achieve greater profitability and growth.
   Assisting a growing high-technology manufacturing company to develop its marketing and sales organization to a point where its annual sales doubled.
   Assisting a large regional tranportation organization to assess the quality of its recruiting practices and shift its practices resulting in greater customer satisfaction ratings from dealing with the organization's staff.
   Implementing employee involvement in a heavy industrial plant to achieve significant cost savings three years in a row.
   Developing and implementing a quality of service and customer service program with an expanding airport authority