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El Ojo Del Lago

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Examples of our Advertisers



Advertising Rates
Bond 1/16 color $320
Bond 1/8 color $690
Bond 1/4 color $1,380
Bond 3/8 color $1,890
Bond 1/2 color $2,520
Bond Full Page $4,800
Bond Double Page $10,000
Couche  Full Page $7,500
  Inside Front Cover  
Couche Full Page $7,000
  Inside Back Cover  
Couche Full Page $9,000
  Back Cover  
Couche Double Page $15,000
All Prices in Mexican Pesos per Month 
Plus Value Added Tax


Our deadline for receiving information is the 15th of the month for the following month's publication.  Payment options include direct deposit in our account, electronic transfers, or via Pay Pal.  Facturas (official tax deductible receipts) are available upon request and payment of the value added tax.


Choose from 6 different sizes of ads.  All sizes except the full page and 1/16 page have choices of orientation to select.  For example, a 1/2 page ad can be horizontal (across the page) or vertical (down the page); a 1/4 page can be a standard rectangle, a 1-column border down the side of the page, or a border across the bottom of the page.

Our designers are professionally trained and capable of working with several different programs.  All we need is your logo, the text you want, and any photos you would like to insert (in high resolution - 300 dpi please).  We will create an ad and send you a proof for your approval. If you already have an ad that you would like to continue using, send it in and we will re-size it or copy it for our publication.




Give me a call now.

Chapala, Mexico
Mexico: (376) 765-3676 or (333) 559-2046 (cell)